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Stratasy Printers

F120250mm CubedPrint Materials: PLA | ABS | ASA | TPU
F370350 x 250 x 350mmPrint Materials: PLA | ABS | ASA | TPU
F450400 x 350 x 400mmPrint Materials: PLA | ABS | ASA | TPU | Ultem Black | Carbon Fire

Markforged Printers

Mark 2 Printer320 x 132 x 154mmPrint Materials: Onyx Black | Fiberglass | Kevlar
320 x 132 x 154mm300 x 220 180mmPrint Materials: Copper | D2 Tool Steel | Inconel | 17/4 Stainless Steel

Builder 3D 1500HC – Large Format Polymer 3D Printer

With a build volume of 1100x500x820 mm, the Extreme 1500 PRO Heated Chamber is a fully closed industrial 3D printer made to print large full-scale parts such as moulds, tooling and end-use parts. The heated chamber makes it the ideal large format machine for 3D printing industrial applications as the printed materials are heat resistant and extremely strong. The newly developed print head is water-cooled and easy to use. The different nozzle diameters allow the user to optimize the print quality and speed for their specific project.


Here’s how the AIMS Project can help an SME…

3D Print for a reverse engineered part that our client could no longer source
“We approached AIMS for support with a prototype product that we required to scan & print. After the project was completed we wanted to manufacture the production for market sale to our clients.

The service provided by the AIMS team was excellent from start to finish, we updated regularly with the progress on the component and the friendly approach made it non-robotic and personal.”