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MiR 250 AMR (autonomous mobile robot)

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MiR 250 AMR (autonomous mobile robot)

An autonomous mobile robot (AMR) isa robot that can understand and move through its environment without being overseen directly by an operator or limited to a fixed, predetermined path.

The MiR250 is a more flexible AMR that can work around the clock and is brilliantly simple to set up for improved productivity. Its smaller footprint and increased adaptability help optimize internal logistics without changing the layout. The MiR250 has a footprint of 580 x 800 mm and a height of only 30 centimetres while still being able to move as much as 250 kg with a speed of 2 meters/second. This makes the AMR more agile than any other AMRs on the market and highly adaptable for challenging environments. Thanks to the small footprint, it can drive in spaces as narrow as 80 centimetres. So, doors and elevators that can be an obstacle for other mobile robots, are not a problem for the MiR250.